Irvine Moving Companies

Irvine was recently found to be the safest city in America with at least 100,000 people. This meant high demand for housing which causes home prices and value to go up. Unfortunately, this has caused some families to move to a more affordable place.

Make sure if you are in search of a moving company, to find a mover you can trust with your belongings. No one wants the stress of having to deal with corrupt moving companies who hold your items in their truck hostage for a huge amount of money.

Irvine Movers

Don't compare just price
Ask local friends and neighbors about their past experience with any moving companies. Check out your local consumer advocate group to see if there are any past complaints against a moving company you are interested in. If you really want to protect yourself, you might consider visiting the moving company's office and take a quick look to make sure they have a professional looking office location and not just be any random guy off the street looking to make a few bucks.

Affordable Moving & Storage

2152 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606


1211 McGaw Ave, Irvine, CA 92614

Apollo Moving & Storage

1525 E McFadden Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705